A totem for your thoughts?

For this week’s #walkmyworld learning event, I have been reflecting about potential totems in my life. Before this project, I honestly thought of a totem as a static piece of art. Something you would travel someplace remote to see, but not something necessarily representative of my own life experiences. Before this week, the concept was more or less something inaccessible to me. After spending some time reading the anchor texts for this project (For future note, O’Byrne’s blog is a great tool to reference for students) and viewing other #walkmyworld totems, I began to think about what totem I would choose for this project. I finally settled on the image of ink leaking onto a page. I realize it is a bit different from the ideas of space/place, but the act of writing has followed me throughout my life, serving as one of the most constant anchors that I have experienced to date.

My totem, spilled ink on a page.

Coming of age at a time when written words were increasingly communicated with the strike of a key and less so the brushstroke of a pen, I found myself romanticizing the quill and scroll, lamenting the visceral experience of dipping a feathered quill into a pool of murky ink—an experience my teenage self had only encountered through a short-lived attempt at calligraphy. (In the recesses of my mind, I must have held onto this nostalgic—if a bit naive—notion well into my twenties, for when I created my first Twitter account seven or eight years ago, I dubbed myself @inkpage to voice my passive protest.)


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